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Latch Shim Washers (pair)

Latch Shim Washers (pair)

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Individual Shim Thickness

These latch shims or washers are designed to help provide a snug fit between your trailer's roller wheel bracket and the body of the Catch-N-Release latch.

These shims are most often not needed unless your roller bracket is a size that doesn't normally work with the latch. See notes below for when these may be needed for each model.

Each kit includes two spacers that each measure the thickness of the size you select. If you purchase 1/8" spacers, each spacer will be 1/8" wide resulting in a total added width of 1/4".

R300 – The body of the R300 model is 3" wide and is designed to fit brackets between 3 – 3⅜".

XR300 – The body of the XR300 model is 3" wide and is designed to fit brackets between 3 – 3⅜".  This model is designed to work with the smaller bow eyes found on fiberglass Ranger and Stratos boats. If you need to purchase the XR300 model to work with your Ranger or Stratos, but your trailer bracket is wider than 3 3⅜", you will need to purchase these spacers.

XD375 – The body of the XD375 model is 3" wide and designed to fit brackets between 3.5–4". If your bracket is 4" or wider you will benefit from purchasing these spacers, and this longer mounting bolt.

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