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Boat Latch Mounting Bolt for 4" Trailer Brackets

Boat Latch Mounting Bolt for 4" Trailer Brackets

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If the inside width of the roller wheel bracket at the front of your trailer is 4" wide, we suggest purchasing this 1/2 x 5 1/2" mounting bolt to ensure a proper fit with the Catch-N-Release latch. This bolt is Grade 5 and Zinc Plated.

Due to the thickness, stiffness, and width of some trailer brackets, the mounting bolt shipped with all latches may not be long enough to work with all 4" brackets. 

The bolt does not ship with a locking nut; use the one that ships with the latchA mounting bolt and nut will be preinstalled on all latches when purchased. Replace the preinstalled mounting bolt with this longer mounting bolt when installing.

We also suggest these Shim Washers for wide brackets.

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