Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if the Drotto Boat Latch is right for you? Get answers with our list of most commonly asked questions!

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How do I know which size latch to buy?

The Drotto Latch is designed to replace the existing roller wheel on your trailer. In some cases it will also work to replace v-shaped rubber bumpers.

Measure the width of the metal bracket where your roller wheel is located. You should measure the inside width as the Drotto latch is designed to fit inside the roller bracket.

Most bost trailers have a 3" to 4" bracket. If your bracket is 3" to 3 3/8", choose the smaller 3" model.

If your roller bracket is bigger than 3 3/8" and 4" or under, use the larger 3.75" model.

Use metal washers to fill any gaps between the Drotto latch and your roller bracket.

I have a Pontoon or flat bottom jon boat. Will this latch work?

This latch is desgined to fit v-hull boats that use a roller wheel at the front of the trailer.

This product will not work with pontoon boats, jetskis, or flat bottom boats.

How tight should the latch be when installed?

Tighten the latch so that it fits snug enough in the roller bracket that it will hold it's position, but still move if forced. The latch should pivot as the boat loads or unloads.

How far should I back my trailer into the water when using the latch?

It depends on your boat, and it'll take some trial and error to get it right.

When launching, make sure that your boat still has some space to float backward and down off the trailer. Having the trailer too far into the water may cause the nose of the boat to be forced down into the water causing the latch to not release properly.

When loading, make sure the trailer is not too deep or your bow eye may float over the latch. It's often best to not have the trailer backed in too deep, and driving the boat up onto the trailer. The plastic plate will help guide the bow eye into the latch.

Just be sure to back in far enough to avoid over-revving and tearing up the ramps!

The release doesn't work when I pull the handle, why?

If your handle won't' release DO NOT FORCE IT. Typically if there is too much pressure against the front of the latch jaws it won't allow the release mechanism to function. Try to relieve forward pressure from the jaws by backing the boat down the ramp, or floating it in the water.

Will it work on Roller and Bunk trailers?

YES! The Drotto Latch is designed to work on both bunk-style trailers and roller trailers.

Can I manually crank the winch to re-latch my boat?

YES! Make sure that the jaws on the latch are open and you can use the winch to manually crank your boat forward into the locking jaws.

Where are Drotto Latches made?

All Drotto latches are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States! And we won't do it any other way.