Fitment Help

How to measure for fitment

Not sure which Drotto Catch-N-Release model fits your trailer?
You can just measure the inside width of the roller wheel bracket or the width of the inside roller wheel at the front of your trailer to determine which model to buy.
The Catch-N-Release latch will mount where the inner roller wheel is currently mounted on the winch stand or roller bracket.
Our R300 model latch has a 3" wide body where it fits to the trailer, and fits trailer roller brackets 3 – 3 3/8" wide.
Our XD375 model has a 3 5/8" wide body where it fits to the trailer, and fits trailer roller brackets 3.5 – 4" wide.
Trailer brackets usually have a bit of flex in them and will flex out slightly to fit the body of the latch, ensuring a snug fit.
We also sell various Spacers/Shims that fit between the body of the latch and trailer bracket if yours falls on the higher side of each model. Those shims help ensure a snug fit. Click here for Shims/Spacers
And, if you have a 4" wide trailer bracket, you will need our wide bracket mounting kit with longer bolt and shims. Click here for Wide Bracket Mounting Kit


The Catch-N-Release Latch Won't Work On

  • The latch will not work with Pontoons, Jet Skis, Jon Boats, or other boats with a flat nose or flat bow. The latch only works with boats that have a V or Mod V shape hull.
  • The latch may not work with Mod V boats that have large additional keels or rails on either side of the center keel that stick down below the height of the center keel. These additional rails can sit on the sides of the latch cover and prevent the latch from working correctly. Please email us with photos of your mod v if you have questions (see below).
  • The latch may not work with boats that have the bow eye mounted less than 14" from the tip of the bow AND have large bow tips, rubber bumpers, or rubber lips that stick out over the tip of the bow. Please email us with photos (see below).


Still have questions? Email us!

Send an email to and include:

  1. Make/model of your boat
  2. Picture of front of your boat showing side of bow and how it aligns with winch stand
  3. Picture of your entire winch stand and how it connects to your trailer tongue
  4. Picture of the bow eye on your boat