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Latch Lock

Latch Lock

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This simple Latch Lock will help deter thieves from unbolting and stealing your latch at the dock.

It's designed to simply cover the latch's mounting nut, preventing access to it. It fits all models of the Drotto Catch & Release boat latch.

You must purchase a Padlock separately. 

Padlock requirements (sold separately):

  • We suggest using a Master lock #3DLH
  • Long shackle at least 1.5" – standard length locks do not have enough shaft to clamp around the device
  • No larger than 5/16" for diameter

Latch Lock Installation Instructions:

  1. Watch the latch installation instructions by clicking here to see how the latch is mounted to the trailer bracket.
  2. If installing a latch lock, follow steps 3 and 4 below before installing the nut on latch mounting bolt.
  3. After inserting the main mounting bolt through the trailer bracket and latch, put the Lock Shroud (tube piece with welded cap on it) over the latch's mounting bolt so that the open end of the shroud is facing out.
  4. Install and tighten the nut onto the mounting bolt using a socket wrench so that you can reach inside the shroud.
  5. Tighten the latch so that it's snug in your roller bracket (see video) but not overly tight.
  6. Place the Lock Spacer (small included spacer) inside of the lock shroud to block access to the nut on the mounting bolt. This spacer will be between the mounting nut and the padlock shaft.
  7. Install a long shank Master Lock through the holes on the Lock Shroud to block anyone from being able to access the nut on the mounting bolt.
  8. See the 2nd photo in the product photo gallery on this page as a reference. 
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